The IVW has been involved in the AMC since 1997.

The Audence Measurement Coalition (AMC) is an association of European Joint Industry Committees and market research organizations.

In the recently published draft for the „European Media Freedom Act“ (EMFA), the EU Commission gives great importance to independent and neutral audience measurement in the media market.

The regulations recognize audience measurement as a key tool for transparency, democracy and competition.

The AMC seeks dialogue with all those involved in the further proceedings.

The full text of the AMC press release:



‘The European Commission’s proposal for a European Media Freedom Act creates the opportunity to strengthen pluralism and fairness in the rapidly evolving European media landscape. It has the ambition to ensure greater balance in this hyper-competitive globally connected market. It aims to set the bar globally for how national, regional and international actors operate for the benefits of future generations”, said Yannick Carriou, CEO of Médiamétrie.

The proposal includes a positive step forward to uphold strong Audience Measurement standards in the European market. The Audience Measurement Coalition [AMC] supports Union’s objective of enhancing the transparency of the EU media ecosystem for democratic and competitive purposes, and to foster consistent regulatory and self-regulatory standards. As stated in the proposal itself, ensuring transparency and fairness in Audience Measurement is instrumental in guaranteeing  “transparent and fair allocation of economic resources” on the internal media market.

Furthermore, the ability of the media to reach multiple economic resources is fundamental to ensure their independence and therefore their liberty of speech and decide by themselves on their editorial policy.

“The access to the funding whether it is public money, or via advertising for the plurality of media on offer requires that the measurement of the media’s performance must be
objective, standardised, independent, transparent, and shared. There is only one stopwatch in the 100 meter-dash final otherwise everybody can pretend they win which means, finally, everybody loses because confidence in the measure is vanished!” also
said Mr. Carriou.

We foresee, moreover, that there are still challenges to be addressed during the negotiation stages of the Act. Nevertheless, the multiple references on Audience Measurement give a strong foundation to the Act. This Act is destined to become a landmark in European Media Legislation.

We note with interest that the Commission proposes an extension of the role and competence of ERGA (European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services) in its
new capacity as the European Board for Media Services.

Our coalition, with decades of experience in developing standards and delivering the best of practices in Audience Measurement is looking forward to an open dialogue during the negotiations and eventually with the proposed Board in order to properly define and
develop the operational framework that fulfils the Act’s principles.
“Mediametrie and its European colleagues in the AMC are ready to discuss every point of the future Act to see how we can concretely contribute to fulfill the aims of this new     regulation.”, added Yannick Carriou, CEO of Mediametrie.

The Audience Measurement Coalition is a sector coalition in the domain of Audience
Measurement. The AMC is composed of research companies and Joint Industry
Committees, including research organisations such as FINNPANEL (FIN), IVW (DE),
ÖWA, Médiamétrie (FR), Nielsen (US), Kantar (UK) and Gemius (PL). For decades the
AMC has served European markets to ensure that both traditional and digital publishers’and broadcasters’ audiencias are measured correctly and based on market standards and methodologies with clear and transparent codes of practices.

„European colleagues in the AMC are ready to discuss every point of the future Act to see how we can concretely contribute to fulfill the aims of this new regulation.“
Yannic Carriou
CEO of Mediametrie

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